Interchangeable Core

Small Format Interchangeable Core or SFIC is commonly referred to as a "Best System".  It is an easy to manage key system because all you need to rekey a lock is a Control key and a new core.  Do you have to rekey often?  You can change out cores yourself with no locksmith needed, and if you have spare cores on hand you can do it immediately.  If you don't currently have an SFIC system we can help you with everything you need.  You can also check out our Hardware or Cores & Keys pages.

The Best SFIC Cores
All SFIC systems are not the same!  We use high quality cores, Nickel Silver bottom pins for long life, and we only use Premium Quality Nickel Silver keys.

Don't currently Have SFIC?

If you don't currently have SFIC we can help you with everything you need to get started.  If you already know what you need you can go to our Hardware page, but if you are unsure we are always here to help!

The Best Hardware Value

We strive to carry the best value products, and offer the best warranty.  We only offer hardware that we believe to be the best value for the money, and that we are also confident in it's quality.  We also offer a 1 year replacement warranty on all of our products - this is not a warranty against "manufacturer defects", but a warranty that covers wear & tear, breakage, or just hardware failure.  If something breaks within 1 year we will replace it.

Need More Information?
You can check out our Information/Blogs or Instructional Video sections.  If you have any other questions, or just want more information, you can call or email anytime - we are always happy to help.