How To Order

If you just need everything keyed alike, or everything keyed different it is fairly straight forward.  If, however, you need something different it can be difficult to figure out.  If you need a complex system (or even a simple one) it may be less confusing to use a Request For Quote form.  You also can always call or email... we are always happy to help you figure things out.

Keyed Different
If you just need everything keyed different under 1 Master you can just order "Keyed Different" cores.  These come with 2 keys each but if you want more you can add "Additional Keys" to the cart, and when you check out there is a place to add notes.  For example:  You have 6 cores keyed different, but want 4 extra keys for 2 of the cores.  You would order 6 "Keyed Different" cores and 8 "Additional Keys".  When you check out you would add in the "notes" box: 4 cores with 2 keys each, and 2 cores with 6 keys each.  Again, if things are confusing you can use a Request For Quote form, and you can always call or email if you need help.

Keyed Alike
If you just need everything keyed alike you just order the quantity of cores that you need and then add the quantity of "Additional Keys" to your cart.  Everything will be keyed alike, and all keys will operate all cores.  If, however, you need them keyed alike in groups it is probably easier to use a Request For Quote form.  Again, you can always call or email if you would like help.