The Best SFIC Cores

Why are our SFIC Cores the best?
We only use high quality cores, pins and keys.  We use KSP cores made in the USA, Nickel Silver pins, and Premium Quality Nickel Silver keys.

The Cores 
We use KSP cores because we believe them to be the best quality and value available.  They have tight tolerances, but when the keys are cut accurately they are also very smooth.  There are more expensive cores available, but we don't believe them to be any better.  There are also cheaper cores available, but they do not meet our quality standards.  There are a few other brands we will use if there is a supply issue - those being Arrow, Medeco, or Stanley, but we are still partial to KSP.

The Pins
We use only Nickel Silver bottom pins for long life.  Most locksmiths (almost all) will use Brass pins to save money.  Brass pins wear at more than twice the rate of Nickel Silver pins.  You can read about our test here.

The Keys
We only use Premium Quality Nickel Silver keys.  We do not use Brass keys, and we do not use "economy" Nickel Silver keys.  As you can see from the pictures economy Nickel Silver keys (first pic) are NOT the same as Premium Quality Nickel Silver keys .

Master Key Systems

All of our Key Systems are a unique system not to be duplicated.  We can do Key Systems of any size or complexity, and guarantee no cross keying (keys will only open what they are supposed to open).  You can read more about Master Keying here.

The Best Core Total Package
We do everything we can to make sure we are offering you the best product we can at the best price.  We are the best value in the business using only quality materials.
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